Russian 2-15 y. o.

The method used to teach Bright Minds students to read and write in Russian originated in Europe and was introduced to the Russian educational system in the 19th century. We do not only teach our students to read and write in Russian; we teach them to think in Russian. We achieve this by routinely introducing them to logic exercises and math problems, enriching their vocabulary by solving riddles, reading poetry, and discussing poetic expressions.

With the younger group (2-5), who are just learning to read and are building their vocabulary, we pay a lot of attention to motor skills development and use visual, auditory, and sensory stimulation.

In kids 6 and older we instill love and appreciation for the language and foreign language skills. Healthy competition helps them to stay on track and focused and gives them the necessary push to be “cool” among their peers by knowing a second language and having the social circle that comes with it.

We take into account the situation of many of our students. They tend to come from bilingual families, with English and/or other languages spoken at home. Elements of teaching Russian as a second language are present in our methods for this reason. Because the method used originated in Europe, it already has those elements built-in and makes it easier for us to reach our target audience.